The 127th Canton Fair is open online!

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the 127th Canton Fair moved from offline to online, achieving a multi-dimensional display on the “cloud” side.

Austa keeps abreast of the trend of the times to achieve common development and makes plans in advance.

As early as 18 years ago, Shirley Zhang, chairman of OSDA Group, noticed the surging trend of online marketing, especially when 5G came out last year, short video marketing, live streaming and other new words aroused her in high sensitivity.

Although she is engaged in the traditional photovoltaic industry, which seems to be a bit remote from the ordinary life, she has always realized that it is closely related to the development of the industry and the future can be expected.

In the latter half of 2019, a project team was built to put online marketing on the agenda.

It is especially commendable that at the year-end meeting that year, the project team predicted that the Internet marketing trend is imperative, and the surging trend of dark tides will force a change in the current promotion mode.

As a new generation of photovoltaic enterprise that has developed and grown up together with the energy industry and the Canton Fair, Austa has the responsibility and mission to be a good first-timer.

“We have grown from a small-scale company to a new star in the photovoltaic industry. Honestly speaking, we thank the Canton Fair, which has played an important role in our internationalization. Both the scale and level of customers are really high.” Ms. Zhang, Chairman of Austa Solar introduced.

Affected by the epidemic, many countries have been closed this year, and port and terminal policies have changed, which has caused a lot of impact on the development of enterprises.

As a result, the planned visits and various exhibitions were delayed. Customer return visits and market understanding could not proceed as scheduled. Online Canton Fair would allow us to shift our direction from offline to online, which is in line with our expectations and development momentum. An exceptionally good opportunity to showcase.

“In the past, at the Canton Fair, we spent a lot of money to build an exhibition hall that matches the corporate temperament, but despite this, we still couldn’t make customers see the standard craftsmanship and specifications of the workshop.

Through the online Canton Fair, customers can get all information without leaving abroad, which is very novel and convincing.

In addition, this online Canton Fair will inspire us to think about new trends in the industry. Marketing online has become the new direction for further development. I think this is the inevitable development of the times. Austa Solar has confidence and ability to meet this challenge with all photovoltaic Brother companies in the industry.”

In order to prepare for the online Canton Fair, Austa solar not only established a 3D exhibition hall, but also an immersive VR and panoramic tactile experience show, for example, changing scenes, matching new styles, hot styles, and hot spoilers at the right time, so that customers feel like a spring breeze while visiting online.

At the same time, we also have regularly practiced, live broadcast and script training, and related live rehearsal training, regular summary weekly, and orderly progress according to plans and steps.

In the first live stream, Austa employees skillfully introduced the company’s new products. And according to the content, the background and material are switched at the right time, and the same-frequency picture description is presented. After the first live broadcast, new customer from Austria took the initiative to leave messages for one-on-one inquiry.

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